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Fuh - dancing judas

Escape From Smartz II
NO fest 2010

Tagofest 2010

Escape From Smartz! FBob Corn a Turin! Fine Before You Came a Turin!
Drink To Me / Edible Woman - split 7'' party! Drink To Me / Edible Woman - split 7'' party! No fest!
Ex BelliCosi and Encore Fou playing instrumental post-core with a progressive touch, due to incredible guitar plots, piano and drums. Just music, no voices, the beginning of a long journey.

itreniallalba Folk destroyers
CD 2oo8 - Smartz records
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mp3 itreniallalba 4:37
from "Folk destroyers" cd 2oo8

16.01.2011: Diavolo Rosso (Asti) W/Duemanosinistra
27.01.2011: La Cantina (Cuorgnè, Torino)
11.02.2011: Cafè Tritolo (Avigliana, Torino)
12.02.2011: Teatroria (Torino)
24.02.2011: Spy (Bra, Cuneo)
25.03.2011: Hiroshima Mon Amour (To) /Support Linea77

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Video destroyers 2 - by Cannizzo & Valente

Live @ Spazio 211 - Torino

Video destroyers 1 -