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Cornflakes Freaks - Nora's room - CD
Cornflakes Freaks - Nora's room
Hardcore melodico dal tocco emo dalla Sicilia. Ora 2/4 dei CFF suonano nei redivivi CGB.
25 minutes of hot melodic HC with an emo touch. Singed in english, played with the heart. Now 2/4 of them plays into Crime Gang Bang.

01. Object
02. Test your dick
03. A tree inside my stomach
04. Sintetik skin
05. Suburban noise
06. Nora's room
07. Whale's song
Released by Smartz, Fortementeindiziati, Lapicoolameraviglia, Laboratoriodell'utopia, Porrozine, Macisaràpericolo?, Bobocore, Kaska.
SM014 - CD 2001 - SOLD OUT